Eastwind Rare Breeds Farm

Here at Eastwind Rare Breeds Farm you will see some of the most endangered farm animals in the world. These animals free range in natural surroundings just the way they were meant to.

Large Black sow grazing
Our pigs graze on fresh pasture

Intensively Housed Pigs

Caged pigs

In this artificial environment, pigs soon loose the ability to fend for themselves and need scientifically formulated diets and controlled temperature housing to grow and reproduce. Chemicals, vaccines and hormones are also widely used to grow the majority of pork available today.

Due to the trend towards intensive farming which began in the 1960's in Australia, many of our traditional heritage breeds became increasing rare. This was because they were no longer 'fashionable', being much more suitable for free range production. The list of Rare Breeds includes:

At Eastwind we are presently focusing on the Large Black Pig breed as they have become almost extinct in Australia. The Rare Breeds Trust of Australia (R.B.T.A.) estimates that there are no more than 60 breeding sows left.