Cattle on Display


Three West Highland Cattle

The origins of 'West Highland cattle' are lost in the mists of antiquity. Stories are told of as many as 150,000 head of cattle a year passing through the mountains from Scotland's remotest glens and islands on their way to lowland markets in the 18th century. Cattle were then the wealth of the Highlands, being the main cash crop.

Highland Cattle were imported into Australia by various Scottish migrants in the middle of the Nineteenth Century but subsequently died out.

A new wave of imports began in 1954 and Scottish semen was imported in 1973. Artificial breeding has had a major influence on the development of Highland cattle in Australia with breeders taking advantage of the genetics made available by embryo transfer and artificial insemination.

An extremely hardy breed, they are known for their easy calving and exceptional mothering ability. Their picturesque appearance and docile nature has made them a favourite for smallholders looking for an easy care animal which lives up to the slogan:

Good looks, great beef

West Highland calf